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Established : 2017
Average time to compensation : 4~12 weeks
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One of the best flight compensation services in Europe
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Skycop operates under EU Regulation 261/2004
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Skycop can calculate the accurate compensation that the passenger is entitled to obtain from Airlines.
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This flight compensation company is not a scam, It is a legitimate company.
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Skycop provides services with many languages.
Customer reviews(650)
Tomas Lukaševičius
21 months ago
Hey, I am Tomas Lukasevicius and I was travelling to Malta at the beginning of July with Ryanair airlines from Vilnius. The flight was delayed for 3 hours. All the passengers all that time was left in the aeroplane and nobody let us leave the plane or get back to the terminal where is the toilets, water and food, also nobody gave us water or any food. There was only 1 toilet working on the aeroplane. That 3 hours was a horrible start of the vacation.
21 months ago
5* service couldn’t ask for a better outcome with great customer care/service
Iuliana Moaga
21 months ago
Quickly and seriously!
Zana Kalinka
21 months ago
Perfect! Great result, although it took quite some time. Thank you!
Kätlin Kallas
21 months ago
Really fast and professional service. It is hard to get a compensation from Smartlynx Airlines, they refused multible times. Skycop was able to get the compebsation from them within 2,5 months. Will use their service again in the future.