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Established : 2015
Average time to compensation : 8-12 weeks
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One of the best flight compensation services in Europe
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Claimair operates under EU Regulation 261/2004
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Claimair can calculate the accurate compensation that the passenger is entitled to obtain from Airlines.
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This flight compensation company is not a scam, It is a legitimate company
Customer reviews(71)
21 months ago
They truly do their job, ClaimAir is a trustworthy company!!!
Sabina Michlovska
21 months ago
They dealed with my claim really fast and without any problems, the communication was smooth.
21 months ago
I successfully claimed compensation with help of ClaimAir despite that airline ignored my direct request.
Allison Lynch
21 months ago
I found ClaimAir online and thought I'd give them a go as I knew I wasnt going to chase airlines for a relatively small claim. Wow. How great they were! Hassle-free. Great communicators and money straight in my bank. Its so easy, its worth having a shocking flight! Thank you Claim Air
Hamzah Jan
21 months ago
Excellent service. Took a little while for the airline to respond but this was no fault if claim air. A very professional service. Highly recommended