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Established : 2013
Average time to compensation : 8~12 weeks
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One of the best flight compensation services in Poland
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Aircashback operates under EU Regulation 261/2004
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Aircashback can calculate the accurate compensation that the passenger is entitled to obtain from Airlines.
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This flight compensation company is not a scam, It is a legitimate company.
Customer reviews(14)
21 months ago
Polecam firmę AirCashBack. Profesjonalnie i kompetentnie prowadzili sprawę odzyskania odszkodowania za opóźniony lot. Miła i sprawna komunikacja, a przede wszystkim skuteczność.
Dominika Ha
21 months ago
Jasne zasady, żadnych ukrytych kosztów, profesjonalna obsługa, polecam bo warto współpracować z najlepszymi w swoim fachu.
21 months ago
I can recommend this company wholeheartedly - they are what they claim to be - fast, reliable and effective. It took them a couple of months to win the case, but that was because Ryanair doesn't pay anything without court order:) Before aircashback.com I was a customer of another company (whose name starts with an "a" and ends with a "p", and has 7 letters), but not only it took them longer to win the case, but it also cost me an arm and a leg.
21 months ago
I highly recommend AirCashBack. They obtained 600 euros in compensation for a delayed flight. I did not have to pay anything, the commissions were taken after the end of the case.
21 months ago
Very good company worth recommending. Thanks for great service! :-)